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Here is a broad scope of Frequently Asked Questions about Specta.

SpectaBasic - About FAQ

Specta is an online lending platform that offers loans not more than N5,000,000 to individuals. Our goal is to create a simple, convenient, and personalized experience for our customers. We use proprietary data and analytics to review applications and provide approved applicants with loans.

With Specta, customers do not need collaterals or paperwork to get any loans. Once the application is complete, scoring is instant and disbursement is done in less than 5 Minutes.

Specta is a platform from Sterling Bank Plc.

SpectaBasic - Rate & Fees FAQ

Sterling Bank’s lending rate is determined by the prevailing market conditions and is therefore subject to fluctuations. While reserving the right to review this rate without notice; Sterling Bank shall endeavor to advise you of any change in the rate as soon as possible.

SpectaBasic - Application & Funding FAQ

It’s required that you are a salary earner, have a current salary account with Sterling Bank (except Bankers) and have a Bank Verification Number (BVN).

SpectaBasic - Repayment FAQ

You can set up payments monthly.

SpectaBasic - Credit Score FAQ

We do not have a minimum income requirement; however, we do require that applicants have sufficient income to repay their loan obligation.

This is a asset-backed Specta solution which allows customers to access loans at reduced and competitive interest rates. Asset-backed means using your existing funds or investments as collateral. It enables you to meet urgent requests while earning interest on the investment.

The application is open to both Individual & Corporate Customers.

Please click on Forgot password link on the Sign in page and insert the email address you used to register. A new generic password will be sent to your email which can be changed afterward.

Kindly call us on 08170852820 or 08170852815 to speak to one of our agents. You can also send an email to specta@sterlingbankng.com 

You do not need a Sterling Bank account to commence application, however, a Sterling Bank account will automatically be opened for you for disbursement of your loan. If you are a Corporate Customer, you are required to have a Sterling Bank Corporate account to commence application.

No, you cannot. If you are eligible for a loan, a current account will be automatically opened for you to enable disbursement of your loan.

SpectaPrime is a strictly asset-backed solution; therefore, an investment is a requirement to access the loan.

The maximum amount that can be applied for on SpectaPrime is N25,000,000.00 either as an Individual or a Corporate Customer.

Yes, your investment can be in Naira, Pounds, Dollar or Euro.

No. You can only access Loans and Visa Credit Cards in Naira.

The platform automatically calculates the equivalent amount required for Investment once you specify Loan amount, tenor, repayment mode and Investment currency.

The maximum tenor for loans on SpectaPrime is 12 months except for Visa Credit card which is 3 years. The minimum tenor is 7 days.

As with all Specta solutions, your loan will be disbursed instantly, subject to successful verifications.

Your investment is processed instantly and your account with any bank debited for the investment and booking.

As an Individual Customer; indication of your acceptance online is all that is required. However; if you are a Corporate Customer; we would require your signature and company seal on the Agreement forms/letters.



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